Thursday, April 5, 2012

How Should The Church Respond?

In Britain, as here in the States, Christian morality is under attack. No longer are unbelievers satisfied to live immorally themselves; they now insist that Christians must not criticize their immorality and even that we must subsidize it. In response to recent efforts to legalize homosexuality in Britain, The Banner of Truth recently made the following comments. I believe that these comments are correct and that they are equally applicable here in the United States. I have added the words in brackets for clarity in our context. The rest is quoted directly from The Banner of Truth’s April issue.

"Let every Christian act as salt in society, and share in every endeavour to uphold the standards of the Word of God, but let ministers [and all Christians] realise that the great contemporary problem is not in society as such but in the church— the church’s great business is not to be lobbying, signing petitions, etc., but to be awakening the [spiritually] dead. Ultimately it is only an increase of real Christians that can change society and public morality. The absence of conviction of sin in the church has been a primary cause of what has happened in the nation. Let the fear of God be restored here first. We believe that such is the biblical approach to the present situation. God is very active in judgment in the present. The message of the atonement is fundamentally the only one that is truly relevant." (Reproduced with permission. The Banner of Truth magazine is published by the Banner of Truth Trust